Morgan Roth & The Millennialists™


The Millennialists™ was created by Morgan Roth in 2016. As her first memories involved drawing, Morgan eventually began designing at the age of 11. After 7 years of fashion design classes and summers spent studying at Parsons in New York, and Istituto Marangoni in London and Shanghai. Morgan decided to study entrepreneurship at Babson College. During her sophomore year she decided to launch her first label, after months of ups and down the brand eventually evolved into The Millennialists. Deciding to focus on creating more than just another t-shirt she wanted her designs to start a dialogue about issues around the world. 

Born in the United States to an Italian father and Chinese mother, Morgan grew up traveling around the world from a young age. She was fascinated by different cultures and the lives of people from different parts of the world. Morgan spent the first part of 2016 living in Shanghai traveling to different parts of China to explore factories. Eventually moving back to the United States she found a factory in Florida to print the first t-shirts for The Millennialists.

The Millennialists was not created to criticize a country or group of people but instead provide a window into a situation that exists in certain parts of the world. Intending to bring together people and create an understanding of the realities facing many individuals.

Follow Morgan's travels and connect with her on Instagram @morganroth